Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood Oil

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Quick Facts

Botanical Name: Cedrus deodara, Cedrus atlantica

Family Name: Lauraceae

Common Name: Himalayan cedarwood, Texas cedarwood

Part used: foliage, Woods, Roots, Conifers

Specific Gravity: 1.0700 to 1.80000 at 25˚c

Optical Rotation: +3˚ to Inactive

Refractive Index: 1.5400 to 1.5500 at 25˚c
Blends Well With: Cyprus, Vetiver, Neroli

Uses: The oil’s antifungal properties heal psoriasis dermatitis, and athlete’s foot. This oil is widely used in perfumes and soap.

Countries where it’s found

Red cedarwood is native to North America growing primarily in mountainous regions while the Texas Cedarwood is predominantly grown in the south-western United States, Mexico and Central America. The Atlas cedar is a native to North Africa.

Harvesting Information

Cedarwood tree is best harvested only after the tree attains full maturity. The tree is allowed to grow in its natural environment for a period time before portions of the tree are cut.

History of the Plant

Research has indicated that cedarwood has been around since biblical times. The oldest living cedar was 2,500 years old before being cut down for commercial reasons. The plant grows up to 100 feet.
Extraction Process
Cedarwood oil is extracted from the foliage and woods and various types of conifers of the plant. Extraction is carried out through steam distillation. The oil is delicate with gentle, woody aroma.


Commonly known Benefits

Medicinal Benefits:

As a sedative, Cedarwood oil has relaxing effect on the mind. It has a great soothing, calming, and sedating effects on the mind. It also induces sleep in patients suffering from insomnia.

The oil’s sedative effects have been clinically proven by Japanese researchers.

The essential oil of cedarwood is high in antiseptic and astringent properties used to treat various skin disorders.

It cleanses the skin from impurities, tightens the skin tissue, relieves itchy irritation, can be regularly used on acne, eczema, rashes, blemished, and wrinkles.

Inhaling Cedarwood oil breaks up phlegm and mucus. It also reduces sebum production.

The oil is also used to treat various respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, congestion, cough, and sinusitis.

Eastern cultures used Cedrus atlantica to treat bronchial infections while red cedar was used by Native Americans to treat excess catarrh.

Cedarwood oil was an important antidote for poisoning.

The oil controls dandruff and improves the hair condition. It stimulates hair follicles and scalp.

The oil reduces cellulite by increasing circulation and releasing wastes from the body.

Cedarwood oil promotes urination and is useful in treating urinary tract infections and prostrate problems.

Its antiseptic properties reduce pain associated with back pain, arthritis, rheumatism, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The oil is a powerful nerve tonic and induces a state of meditation.

It helps in curing high blood pressure and hypertension.

It also strengthens gums and relieves toothaches.

Non-medicinal Benefits:

The oil is used in soap and perfumes as a fragrance agent.

The oil was traditionally used by ancient Egyptians for embalming.

It is used in the bath through steaming.

Cedarwood oil is used in Egyptian incense, cosmetics, and perfumes.

A coating of cedarwood oil was used in the protection of papyri.

The oil was used in paints by the ancient Sumerians.

More information about Cedarwood
it has caring, delicate, wooden, gentle aroma. Cedarwood is a effective bactericidal, due to it’s drying out outcome, beneficial for bronchitis or wherever extra mucous is present. Beneficial for greasy skin once utilised with (frankincense or sandalwood). Is helpful as a urinary infections. Calming, assistive for anxiousness and calming down fears.

A few aromas are nature’s own merge and almost impossible to copy. They’re timeless and insensible by trends and styles. Cedar is such a aroma. It forever brings around pleasurable memories and a easy feeling, as if the aroma of a cedarwood cabin, and heirloom cedarwood chest or barely the aroma of the refreshing mountain air in the Texas Hill.
This bottle comprises organic, 100% pure cedarwood wood oil. They are created mainly for the consumption of the scent and cosmetics manufacture which applies it in a variety of famous mixes, admixtures and methods.
Pour out oil on the matte cloth and rub upon woody cupboard shelves to enjoy the aroma and to discourage moths and different insects from coming in your worthy apparels. Rub within dresser underdrawers for the similar reason. Put a lot of drops on a cotton wool ball and drop into your washing machine although washing apparels to refresh them.

Replenish the cedar fragrance in old cedar trunks or cupboards by rubbing oil into the wood. Put a couple of drops upon the bag of your vacuume cleanser prior to using it. Rub a few oil upon our outside wear (it will rain out with soap) to cover up your body fragrance, and check deer and exotic game close up, without shying them away. Rub a few of it upon the dash of your auto or on the floor mats as an air freshener.

Cedarwood is a big insect resistant particularly for mosquitoes and fleas. It is beneficial for hair loss, T.B., bronchitis, gonorrhoea, and diseases of the skin. It is assistive as a decongestant for the respiratory system and is assistive for cystitis.

Cedarwood is applied for cellulite and to amend circulation and joint mobility in arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It assists alleviate nervous tenseness and stress related conditions. It can raise sound sleep and aroused releases. Cedarwood can clean the brain and mind and has a pacifying effect all in all human. It’s basic effect is bactericide and for hair loss.

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