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Cypriol Oil

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Quick Facts

Botanical Name: Cyperus scariosus

Family Name: Cyperaceae

Common Names: Nagarmotha (Hindi name) bhadramusta, Nagarmustka (Sanskrit names) umbrella sedge (English name)

Part Used: Roots

Specific Gravity: Cypriol Oil contains alkaloids, minerals with calcium, carbonates and sodium.

Blends Well With: carrier oils

Uses: It is used as a medicine in digestive problems and diarrhea. Fragrances, Fixative in costly perfumes.

It helps to cure insufficient periods, mucus and scabies (a disease caused by mites). This commonly is mixed with some other oils or swallowed in diluted form to avoid its side effects. It is costliest oil and helps to reduce blood glucose level in mice. It is counted anti inflammatory too.

Countries where it’s found

Cyperiol has been grown on a large scale in MP (India), it smells earth like and wood like and it is used an expensive ingredient in so many perfumes in India itself.

Harvesting information

The Cyper`s plant is grown in India and is a shrub which grows till two and a half feet long and its stem is sleek and slender with lustrous green color. Its flowers have a length of two to 8 inches. It is a weed so in most of the countries people consider it as a pest. This stem has a unique aroma and white from innermost part.

Nagarmotha is a minor produce of the forests in Chhattisgarh and significantly earns revenue for the state. Because of its threat of exhaustion, facts are being gathered for cultivating it and growing it deliberately, as presently it is growing anonymously. This research was conducted at Kajool Nadi, Dhamrati district, Chhattisgarh to know the present status and future aspects of multiplying this.

History of the Plant

This seems that it is popular for so many years as its Sanskrit name ( bhadramusta, Nagarmustka s) indicates that it was popular in those days too when the Sanskrit language was spoken. It is hoped that it is essentially used from the Vedic era in India, as Sanskrit is assumed the oldest language in the world. It grows wild so it’s cultivation is not much needed and it grows automatically.

Extraction Process

The oil is extracted from the roots of the plant via the steam distillation process. Via this process there is a yield of 0.075 to 0.080% cyperine which is its essential constituent. Cypriol Oil is unique in the sense because it has color changing ability and its scent also changes its fragrance. While its color changes from dark brown to transparent green then its fragrance changes from earthen to woody. It cannot be used isolated because it is too much strong, so it is mingled with some other carrier oil to lessen its effect otherwise it can cause irritation to the skin.

Commonly known Benefits

Cypriol Oil also fights to eradicate worms of intestine and works as a healthy tonic as well as helping to cure an upset stomach.
So many skin disorders, fever, uric acid related problems can be treated by cyperoil.
Its medicated qualities help treating Gout, rheumatoid and fibromyalgia
Painful menstruation can be reduced by the intake of this oil.
By using this oil with some carrier oil it can be a good medicine for itching and irritation.
This oil is prohibited for the women who are pregnant because of its strong impact; they can have miscarriage problems after swallowing it.

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