Garlic Oil

Garlic Oil

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Quick Facts

Botanical Name: Allium sativum

Family Name: Lilliaceae

Common Name: Garlic

Part used: Bulb and roots

Specific Gravity: 1.036 – 1.067 @ 20 °C

Refractive Index: +1 to -24 @ 25°C

Optical Rotation: Nil

Blends Well With: Ethnol, ether, benzene and other solvents which are organic.

Uses: Garlic oil in Raw form cannot be used directly, neither to eat not to apply on skin, it only to be used as an ingredient used as a formulation after diluting it several times, its used in medicine, ear infections, antisaptic, immunity booster, for curing blood pressure. It is pungent and used as a flavouring agent in meat industry.

Country where it’s found
China, India, South Korea, Egypt, Russia, Myanmar, Ethiopia, United States, Ukraine, Bangladesh are the countries where it is grown.

History of the Plant

Garlic is not a name which is hidden from anyone. It looks somewhat like onion but divergent in color. It is actually the close relative of leek, chive, shallot, onion and rakkyo. Garlic has history of 7000 years, which is indigenous to central Asia later used in Mediterranean region as well as in Asia, Europe and Asia. Egyptians used it for both medical and culinary use for making gravy of the vegetables. They are as old as Giza pyramids.

Harvesting Information

It is very easy to grow it; it does not need much care and attention. It can be thrived in mild climate. It is grown by asexual propagation. Cloves are buried into the ground and get mature in late spring season. These plants have hardly any issue of getting bugged with pests. Rabbit and moles also don’t go near these plants. Only few species get the attack of white rot disease. Pink root can also be another pest by which garlic’s are attacked by; they need to get prevented from that problem too. These plants needs much space to grow so should be sown loosely. Two major species of garlic are soft neck and hard neck garlic. Garlic can be eaten raw or cooked. All the plants of the garlic plants are edible.

Extraction Process
Garlic oil is extracted by solvent extraction of garlic flakes, The cloves of garlic are even crushed to avail yellow colored oil.


Commonly known Benefits
Garlic oil is used for flavoring only is tiny amounts in sea food & meat industry.

If someone is suffering from high blood pressure then nothing is better than garlic oil medicine cures you naturally.

Heart diseases can also be stopped at some extent if you are a regular user of garlic oil. Atherosclerosis can be controlled by the use of garlic oil so it is medically proven good for lowering the blood pressure level.

Most of the people take it for gastric problems too. If somebody regularly uses it in food or early in the morning empty stomach then he can remain away from the gastric troubles too.

So many cancers like colon cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer can be controlled by this natural herb oil.

It is also good in declining bladder cancer too.

It makes you strong enough o fight with fungal infections and breathing problems, liver functions can also be regulated by the use of garlic oil.

It is used in kitchen to make the dishes pungent and spicy.

It also fights with asthma and bronchitis etc.

Garlic contains Allicin, which works to make our immune system strong.

So garlic oil is too much important but those who have garlic energy should not use it.

More information about Garlic

Garlic is member of lily family Allium Sativum L. famously known as Garlic and is used medicinally way long back 4000 BCE back. It grows easily in every climate as a result it is recognized in whole world. Hippocrates renowned father of western medicines had used Garlic in a few cancer therapies.
During ancient Egypt, Garlic was assessed as general health tonic and was used as currency also. With the passage of time i.e. during Middle Ages it was used to cure victims of the plaque. Even during WW II, Garlic was used as a good substitute for antibiotic replacement.
Medicinally it is used for treating Diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant. Many fantastic effects and curing powers have been assigned to Garlic. In addition to its other virtues it owns stimulant and stomachic properties.
It is already recognized as an Antiseptic. Even during late war it was broadly utilized to control of suppuration of wounds. The raw juice carried and diluted with water, was applied on mops of sterilized sphagnum moss that were to be put on wound. This treatment saved the lives of thousand men during that atrocity.

It is sometimes externally applied in ointments and lotions, and as an antiseptic, to disperse hard swellings, also pounded and employed as a poultice for scrofulous sores. It is said to prevent anthrax in cattle, being largely used for the purpose.

In Old times, specifically for leprosy case Garlic was used and also believed that in case of small pox it gives the best results, the only condition was to apply the small piece to the soles of the feet in a linen cloth on daily basis.

In 1722 at Marseilles when plague prevailed there it formed as the principal elements in the ‘Four Thieves’ Vinegar which was successfully adapted for protection. The story behind is that there were actually four thieves who accepted that they looted dead bodies by applying this aromatic vinegar and without falling in that communicable disease.

Besides all it is necessary to note that these health benefits only goes with the use of raw Garlic. By cooking the active elements in Garlic get destroyed and even they get lost over a period of time. Raw Garlic produces its medicinally strong compounds while chopping or crushing which are sensitive to oxidation. So in order to get highest benefits it is advisable to consume raw garlic very shortly after chopping or crushing.

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