Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil

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Quick Facts

Botanical Name: Citrus limonum

Family Name: Rutaceae

Common Name: Lemon

Part used: Rind

Specific Gravity: 0.850-0.870 at 20 °C

Optical Rotation: +16.0° – +35.0°C

Refractive Index: 1.4742-1.4755 at 20 °C

Blends Well With: Olive, Coconut, Eucalyptus

Uses: The oil’s astringent property treats cuts, burns, boils, and wounds.

This oil treats greasy hair and skin.

Lemon oil

Countries where it’s found

Lemon is native to India and grows about 6 feet. The tree is grown in China and Burma.

Harvesting Information

Lemon is harvested the rind is tight on the fruit. It is best grown and harvested under warm climates. Sometimes lemon is harvested late winter depending the climatic issues and harvesting methods.

History of the Plant

The term is derived from the Arabic “laimun” meaning citrus. It was brought to Europe during the Middle Ages by Crusaders. The history of lemon dates back to 1st century AD ancient Rome. The 15th century Europe saw the first cultivation of lemons and was later introduced to the United States.

Extraction Process

Lemon oil is extracted by cold pressing fresh fruit peel. The oil is pale, yellowish-green in color with a strong and a fresh smell.

Commonly known Benefits

Heath benefits:

The essential oil of lemon is a natural astringent. It tightens the pores, brightens the skin, and removes dead cells.
Its antibacterial properties aid in treating acne and blemishes.
Lemon oil provides relief from mental fatigue, exhaustion, nervous tension, anxiety, nervousness, and dizziness.
Inhaling lemon oil improves concentration, refreshes the mind, and increases alertness.
Lemon oil is a gift for people suffering insomnia. The oil ensures a sound sleep.
The oil is beneficial to the circulatory system. It increases blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, and removes blood clots.
It is also effective in bringing down a fever, and cold, in relieving asthma, bronchitis, nosebleeds, and throat infections.
Lemon oil is rich in vitamin c content that helps in stimulating the white blood cells.
It detoxifies the body and improves the overall body functioning.
The oil’s tropical application soothes and relieves headaches, migraines, rheumatism, mouth ulcers, insect bites, herpes, and cold sores.
It also treats greasy hair and skin and nourishes nails.
In vapor therapy, the oil is used for voice loss, depression, stress, and fatigue.
When blended with other massage oils, the oil benefits the digestive system, obesity, overweight, and acts a general tonic.
Along with diluted warm water, it is good to use as a mouth wash.
Since the oil is carminative, it is useful in treating acidity, indigestion, cramps and stomach upsets.
Other benefits:

Lemon oil is used in making homemade cleaning products and polishes.
The oil is used in room fresheners’ perfumes, and in many scented candles.
The oil is used in creams and lotions to treat congested skin.
Products consisting of lemon oil remove stains and unpleasant odor.
Pure lemon oil is potent against many bacterial types, so it is often used on countertops furniture’s, floors, and carpets.
Lemon oil is used in making soaps and face washes personal care and skin care products due to its antiseptic nature.

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