Radish Seed Oil

Radish Seed Oil

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Botanical Name: Raphanus Sativus

Family Name: Brassicales

Common Name: The common name is radish. In Japan it is known as daikon and this name has been accepted world over.

Part used: Seeds of the radish plant is used to make radish seed oil.

Specific Gravity: At 150C/150C the specific gravity is 0.913-0.919.

Refractive Index: At 400C the refractive index is 1.301 to 1.308

Blends well with: Radish seed oil blends well with ginger root.

Uses: Radish seed oil is good for skin, hair, nails, and scalp. It can be used daily without causing any harm to skin or hair. It is excellent for skin nourishment. Even when oil is used for the hair everyday it does leave an oily feel or look. Hair follicles smoothes easily and makes hair managing an effortless chore. It is very effective on brittle nails. It is used in bear oil, conditioners and other styling products.

Countries where it is found: The origin of radish is believed to be South East Asia but it has spread all over the world. However it is popularly used in cooking in the Asian countries. Oaxaca in Mexico has a special day for radish during Christmas. It is called Night of the Radish and is celebrated on December 23rd. Today radish is a commercial crop in Japan, Korea, China, Texas, Philippines and California.

Harvest Information: In moist soil conditions and conducive temperature, the radish seed germinates in a few days and is ready for harvest in two weeks. In average conditions it will take about three to four weeks and in extreme cold conditions it will take six to seven weeks to grow. Radish grows quickly in sandy loam soil and the ones that season late, a clayey –loam soil is very good. Most radishes are moderately sized but the Japanese have developed a big variety which can grow up to 4 ft long.

History of Plant: There are no archeological references of this plant. However the origin of this plant is traced to South East Asia. It was found in Central China, India and also in parts of Central Asia. In 3rd century BC the Greek and in the 1st century AD, the Roman agriculturists had found the use of radish. It is believed that radish was the first crop introduced in America by the Europeans.

Extraction Process: Cold pressed method used to extract oil. It is virgin and unrefined.

Commonly Known Benefits: Radish seeds have combination of C18, C 20 and C22 fatty acids. This combination is not a very common combination thereby making it very different from other cosmetic plant oils. Radish is rich in Vitamin B6, riboflavin, copper, calcium and magnesium. Radish is often planted with cucumber, lettuce, peas and this benefit both the plants. The pungent smell that emanates from the radish keeps away pests and insects. It also improves the fertility of the soil and suppresses the growth of weeds. It increases soil compaction and does not allow soil erosion during winter. It is also a resource of biofuel.

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