Pink Lotus Absolute (Nelumbo nucifera)

Pink Lotus Absolute (Nelumbo nucifera)

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Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera

Use: Natural perfumery. Suggested use at 0.40 percent. It is highly diffusive and tenacious.

Parts Used: Huge dinner-plate size, highly fragrant flowers, composed of seemingly thousands of glowing pink petals Handpicked from “managed” ponds. Main Season is year round, but high production is February-April.

Aromatic Profile: Sweet, floral, peony-like, ethereal and earthy, medicinal twinges, resinous odor profile

Pink Lotus Absolute has an exceptionally rich, honeyed, dense floral aroma that is earthy and creamy sweet, with a spicy green top note, ripe fruit and coumarin-like undertones, and a tenacious, slightly spicy, deep earthy richness in the drydown. While similar to our White Lotus Absolute, this absolute is softer, slightly sweeter, and a bit more refined. Even when highly diluted, the fragrance of Pink Lotus Absolute holds its fragrance.

Appearance: Dark reddish brown, slightly resinous Viscous, transparent liquid with a molasses-like consistency that may require special use instructions to blend. May be prone to cloudiness that precipitates out when diluted in alcohol.


The lotus geologic record dates from 135 million years ago. Lotus plant cultivation dates from 4,000 years ago.Found in Asia, both temperate and tropical regions, Australasia and Europe, where the flowers grow in ponds, especially at monsoon season. Easily naturalized under beneficial conditions.

The ancient Egyptians regarded Lotus as a sacred flower symbolizing the sun and creation, thereby possessing regenerative powers; it was often depicted in the hieroglyphics and art of Upper Egypt. This particular species of lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, was introduced to Egypt from Persia and is now cultivated in India and throughout the world in tropical pools. Living with humans for about 7,000 years, Nelumbo has developed many notable biological features and strategies

Used in Ayurvedic practice, Hindus consider the Lotus as sacred, that “its exquisite perfume beckons the mind into stillness, clarity, and devotion.

In kundalini yoga, the crown/highest chakra “opens as ‘the thousand-petaled lotus of understanding,’ revealing the brightness of the Self like a universal flame no wind has ever disturbed.”

Pink Lotus Absolute has a lot of significance as sacred in its life force that can add unparalleled depth and magic to perfume creations and anointing oils – and to those fortunate enough to wear them.

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