Carrier oils

Beach Stone Enterprises offers the highest quality of fresh carrier oils sourced from all around the world for your essential oil blends, massage oils, skin and body care products, or any essential oil related project.

Since we are a Wholesale Carrier Oil supplier, we find that our best customers come from an array of backgrounds such as Soap Making, Candle Making, and other handcrafted bath and body trades. We believe that quality and customer service is a few of the reasons our clients continue to buy from us.

Carrier Oils are among the most important cosmetic ingredients and are frequently used for a variety of external applications. They can be used directly as skin and hair care products but also as the basic substances for the manufacture of cosmetic products.

There are three main categories of Carrier oils / base oils:

Basic Fixed Oils – These oils are light, pale and have little aroma. These properties make them great for use on the face and body neat. Examples: Sweet Almond & Grapeseed

Macerated Oils – These oils are best described as plant extracts as they are created by adding chopped up parts of the plant to a large vat of carrier oil. This mixture is agitated and then exposed to sunlight, allowing the fat-soluble nutrients to transfer to the oil. The mixture is then filter of all the organic matter. Examples: Carrot & Calendula

Specialist Fixed Oils – These oils are darker, thicker and heavier. You would generally mix these with lighter carrier oils. Examples: Avocado & Jojoba

The oils may be used individually, or combined depending on your desired texture and therapeutic requirements. Please see each individual oil for suggested use.

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