Essential Oils

We offer over 150 Pure & Natural therapeutic-quality essential oils for aromatherapy blending, and for use in personal care products.

We source all Essential Oils at Beach Stone Enterprises either directly from growers and distillers or from well-known and thoroughly vetted reputable suppliers.

As part of the selection process for all of the oils we stock, we endeavour to learn as much about the growing and harvesting of the plant and the production of the oil as possible. Once that is accomplished for all essential oils, we then test each oil organoleptically (by nose), and we review any third party GCMS reports available.

Here at Beach Stone Enterprises, we are all about quality, while maintaining price. Cheap, poor quality oils are available from hundreds of suppliers but for our purposes and, hopefully, for the purposes of our customers, the price of all oils is not the primary selection factor.

You will find only the best 100% pure and natural therapeutic quality essential oils here at Beach Stone Enterprises.

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